The Unicorn and the Ninja

a Tail of Revenge

Game under development

Opening cinematic animation script.

Two unicorns walk with a relaxed gait across the green grass on the flowing hills. Puffy clouds slowly drift across the sky.

Their footsteps start to sink into the grass. Each step brings a wet squishing sound. The unicorns walk onward oblivious to the change in the ground. Each step sinks a little bit deeper into the grass. The sun reflects off the scintillating surface of the grass in a rainbow of colors. The unicorn lifts a hoof out of the grass and it makes a sucking sound. Rainbow syrupy liquid drips off the tip of the hoof.





Moonlight streaming into the room faintly illuminates a bed on the far side of the room. The air is still. Only the sticky drips disturb the peaceful atmosphere. Moonlight reflects on each drop of liquid as it falls to the floor. It sparkles with a pleasant, sweet quality. There is a stirring in the bed. Tucked neatly under the blanket with only a head sticking out is UNICORN. UNICORN stretches and pulls down the blanket to rise from bed. Nestled in the bed next to UNICORN is a severed unicorn head. Blood slowly pours from the clean cut of the neck.


UNICORN turns head with a smile to the far side of the bed. UNICORN eyes open wide with shock.


UNICORN move close to the severed head.


UNICORN sees a shuriken lay in the blood next to the severed head.


UNICORN picks up the shuriken with a trembling hoof. Moonlight glints off the bloody shuriken.


Indecipherable wail!!!

Revenge will be mine!

UNICORN holds the shuriken high and it aligns with the moon. The glistening rainbow blood flows over the whole shuriken and moon. The Ninja clan emblem emerges from the shimmering colors of the blood,flickering into view.